History of Darkroom

The term Camera Obscura in Latin means "dark room".

Leonardo da Vinci put the word of Camera Obscura as his writing record in the century 14th.

After Louis Daguerre invented the daguerreotype process and it developed to the darkroom as worked in the tent or dark room to develop the film and papers processing in the 18 century.

I like the quote of the Chinese word about Camera Obscura and pinhole theory, "In the earliest 5th century B.C., it was first discovered by the Chinese that if one made a small hole in the wall of a darkened room, an inverted image of the outside is projected from the pinhole to the wall opposite the small hole. No matter the distance to the opposite wall, the image of the outside was projected onto it. Shorten or lengthen the distance to change the size of the projection."



Changing photographic process

I can see how the darkroom techniques in the past has changed to digital darkroom. The darkroom is the dark room or dark walls or dark box that you can see the image from a small hole that shined by outside and entered an inverted image in the opposite wall and you can sketch the image or look at the image. Also the photographic techniques with the chemicals had changed since Daguerre invented. Now, we are doing in the digital darkroom with the computer and softwares with multiply processing of the digital photography.



Photographic Education

You can learn both ways of the darkroom and digital darkroom. Best to learn the darkroom first before the digital darkroom for your best experiences. Understanding about how the inventors of the pinhole, photography and photographic processing and digital darkroom.



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