Digital Darkroom

Digital "darkroom" is the hardware, software and techniques used in digital photography that replace the darkroom equivalents, such as enlarging, cropping, dodging and burning, as well as processes that don't have a film equivalent. Higher end cameras, however, tend to give a flatter, more neutral image that has more data but less "pop," and needs to be developed in the digital darkroom.

Setting up a film darkroom was primarily an issue of gathering the right chemicals and lighting; a digital darkroom consists of a powerful computer, a high-quality monitor setup (dual monitors are often used) and software.


Digital Works

From Analogue to Digital: The Death of the Darkroom

Digital technology has swept away a whole world of enlargers, developing baths and light-sensitive paper, changing the way photographic prints were created for over a century. The darkroom was the centre of extraordinarily creative skill and as a record of its inevitable demise, photographs of some examples are exhibited in Analog, currently on show in Riflemaker art gallery.




Photographic Educations


Digital Dark Room: A Guide To Pinhole Photography




Making a pinhole lens from Bjørn Tore Moen on Vimeo.



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